Cano Singen, Germany


With unabashed satisfaction, we present our implementation for the Cano shopping center in Singen, Germany. This project was a unique challenge for us due to its location and specific characteristics.

Our task was to create an interior that would not only reflect the modern and innovative nature of Cano but also harmoniously fit into the climate of the German city of Singen. By using the highest quality drywall, we achieved excellent interior finishing with high aesthetic and functional standards.

In undertaking the finishing work, we aimed to create a space that is both comfortable for customers and reflects the philosophy of the shopping center. Despite logistical challenges, our team demonstrated professionalism and commitment, enabling the project to be completed according to schedule.

The final result is modern, well-thought-out spaces that not only meet the needs of Cano Singen’s customers but also stand out with a unique style. This implementation is proof of our flexibility and ability to adapt to the requirements of projects in the international market.


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