Bielsko-Biała City Police Headquarters


With honor and responsibility, we undertook the task of performing work for the Bielsko-Biała City Police Headquarters. As a key unit in ensuring the safety of residents, this place required a thoughtful approach and solid execution.

Our task was to create interiors that would be functional and suitable for the specifics of police work, but also durable and resistant to intensive use. Using the highest quality drywall, we created interiors that meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Throughout the entire implementation process, we focused on precision, solidity, and meeting all the requirements and expectations of our client. The work included offices, conference rooms, as well as specialized service rooms.

The final result is functional and modern interiors that support the daily work of the officers and assist them in fulfilling their important mission. This implementation highlights our commitment to providing the highest quality services, even in the case of public institutions of great importance to the local community.




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