Repty Hospital in Tarnowskie Góry


With great commitment and a sense of responsibility, we undertook the implementation of work for Repty Hospital in Tarnowskie Góry. As a medical facility of key importance for the health of the local community, this project required a special approach and consideration of the specifics of the medical industry.

Our goal was to provide functional, hygienic, and at the same time patient-friendly interiors. Using the highest quality drywall, we created spaces that meet the rigorous medical standards necessary for such facilities.

The project encompassed various sectors of the hospital – from patient rooms and diagnostic areas to operating theaters. In each of these zones, we ensured to meet the requirements of functionality, safety, and aesthetics. Our team also worked closely with the medical staff to tailor solutions to the specific needs of the facility.

As a result, we created a modern, functional, and aesthetically finished medical facility that serves patients and staff daily. This implementation demonstrates our professionalism and ability to adapt to demanding projects that have a real impact on people’s well-being.


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