University Hospital Prokocim Kraków


In undertaking the project for the University Hospital in Prokocim, Krakow, we were aware of the great responsibility that comes with working for one of the most important medical centers in the region. This prestigious institution, part of the Jagiellonian University, has years of tradition and aspires to be at the forefront of innovation in medicine.

Our primary goal was to adapt interiors that support a modern approach to medical care while meeting all necessary safety and hygiene standards. Using the highest class of drywall, we managed to create spaces that meet the needs of both patients and medical staff.

The project covered various areas of the hospital, starting from patient rooms, through laboratories and operating theaters, to research zones. In each of these places, we focused on accuracy, precision, and the highest quality of execution.

Collaborating with medical experts was key to the success of this venture. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, we were able to tailor our solutions to best serve the patients and the entire academic community.

As a result of our work, we created a facility that not only meets functional requirements but also aesthetically complements the architecture of the entire campus. This is proof for us that our company can meet even the most demanding and prestigious projects in the medical industry.


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