Wielkopolskie Center for Child Health Poznań


The work for the Wielkopolskie Center for Child Health in Poznań was not only a technical challenge for us but also a mission full of heart. Realizing the extraordinary role this place plays in the lives of many families, we undertook the project with the highest level of commitment and care.

As a facility focused on the health of the youngest, the Wielkopolskie Center for Child Health needed interiors that would be both functional and child-friendly. Using the highest quality drywall, we created spaces that provide comfort to patients and their families while meeting all medical standards.

Our project covered various sectors of the facility – from cozy patient rooms and colorful play corners to modern laboratories and medical offices. We ensured that every corner was dominated by a warm atmosphere while maintaining functionality and safety.

Working closely with the team of medical specialists from the Center, we tailored our solutions to meet the specific needs of treating children. This allowed us to create interiors that are not only aesthetic but, most importantly, serve the best care of the youngest patients.

The final result of our implementation is a facility that promotes health, joy, and a sense of security for every young patient and their family. This realization is a source of great pride and satisfaction for us, confirming our ability to create interiors with people and their needs in mind.


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