Zara Belgrade, Serbia


In the heart of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, we had the pleasure of executing one of our flagship projects for the international brand Zara. Located in the modern shopping center Galerija Belgrade, this store reflects the combination of modernity and classicism that characterizes both the city and the brand.

The task was to create a store interior that would not only be functional and tailored to the brand’s needs but also resonate with the cultural heritage of Belgrade. Using high-quality drywall, we managed to create spaces that are both elegant and modern.

In addition to the typical clothing store areas such as display zones, fitting rooms, and cash registers, we also focused on creating unique customer areas that emphasize the character and values of the Zara brand. Working with local suppliers and craftsmen allowed us to incorporate elements into the design that resonate with Serbian tradition and culture.

Zara in Galerija Belgrade is not just a store, but also a place that has become an integral part of the commercial and cultural fabric of Belgrade. Its implementation is proof of our global approach to design and ability to adapt to diverse markets and cultures.


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