Zara Sandvika, Norway


Sandvika, a picturesque town located near Oslo, became the backdrop for one of our projects for the global brand Zara. Located at Brodtkorbsgate, the store represents a fusion of Scandinavian simplicity with the international style characteristic of Zara.

Our goal was to create an interior that harmoniously fits into the Norwegian landscapes while highlighting the modern, dynamic approach of the brand. By using the highest quality drywall and paying careful attention to the precise finishing of every detail, we achieved an effect that combines minimalism and elegance.

A key feature of the project was the adaptation of Scandinavian design. Bright, spacious interiors, natural materials, and subtle lighting create an atmosphere of warmth and coziness, while maintaining clean lines and modernity. Collaboration with local artists and craftsmen allowed us to add unique accents that emphasize the Norwegian character of the place.

Zara in Sandvika is not just a shopping destination. It is a space that reflects the spirit of the Scandinavian lifestyle, where functionality merges with aesthetics. This implementation demonstrates our ability to combine global trends with local traditions and culture.


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