Zara Złote Tarasy Warsaw


In the very heart of the Polish capital, in one of the most recognizable shopping centers – Złote Tarasy, we had the pleasure of co-creating interiors for the international brand Zara. This place, where modern architecture meets the dynamic rhythm of city life, became the perfect setting for our project.

Our approach to the project aimed to combine Zara’s global aesthetic with the local character of Warsaw. Using the highest quality drywall and paying attention to every detail, even the smallest, we created a space that radiates elegance and functionality.

Drawing inspiration from both contemporary design and the rich history of the capital, our implementation refers to Warsaw’s cultural heritage. Elements such as lighting and finishing details were designed in a way that reflects the spirit of the city, while emphasizing the modern character of the brand.

The Zara store in Złote Tarasy is not just a shopping destination. It’s a space that combines international trends with local character, becoming an integral part of Warsaw’s commercial and cultural landscape. Our implementation for Złote Tarasy is proof of our commitment to creating interiors that capture the spirit of the place they are in.


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